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Welcome to the Writer's Workshop

Once upon a time, there was a wiki called the Writerium. This wiki was made to aid young writers. It contained information about writing as well as suggestions for such things as plot points and worldbuilding. Unfortunately, as it was a young website, the Writerium was targeted by spammers. Many users tried in vain to keep the spam at bay, but they failed. The Writerium disappeared in November 2008, a mere seven months after it was created. On a connected forum, disappointed users asked in vain where it had gone and whether it would return. Their questions were never answered, and a year after the disappearance of the Writerium, their forum also vanished.

In light of the disappearance of the forums and the end of hope, the Writer's Workshop has been created as a replacement for the Writerium.

The ultimate goal of this wiki is to help young writers to create unique, gripping, and believable stories.


  • Please read the rules, currently in the community portal, before editing. They are not the same as for other wikia.
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